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Gel UV LED Nail Lamp

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🔥 Get Your Gel UV LED Nail Lamp & Gellen Gel Polish Bundle & Save an Extra $7.99!🔥


  • Soft and High Power: 40W Gel nail UV led lamp with 21 pc LED lights,110-240 voltage, Fast dry and prevents browning of your skin.
  • 50,000 hours Life Time:3 Timer 30s,60s,99s with LED display, Different time for different gel in the order you control the time. Save your money for the salon
  • Application: Most Nail UV gel, UV top coat, UV Builder Gel, and led nail gel. But can't dry the regular nail polish that no contain UV gel.
  • Low Heat With Sensor: Non-closed design will dissipate heat rapidly. Smart touch with, Put your hand in curing lamp and the LED lights will automatic lighting.

How you can activate the light again?

By removing your hand and putting it back under the lights, Without pressing any buttons.

Why not directly to set up time on constant?

If the lamp lighting on constant or long times, The beads of lamp easy heat and shorten the lifespan of the lamp. So convenient to use and prevent irritation of the skin, also keep the lifespan of the lamp.

About Protect function

Purple lights are irritating for the eyes and skin, so we upgraded the design to ensure is perfect for our customers. if you want to see purple color like our main picture, Please try to turn on the lamp in a place with weak light.

What is a UV led lamp? Is this nail lamp a UV led lamp?

UV led lamp is means make up by LED beads and can emit UV to dry the gel, our lamp includes 21pcs led beads and it can emit UV to dry the gel, so "yes" our lamp is UV led lamp.






Can the lamp curing all gel polish with same times?

Of course not

To dry UV gel very fast, But as you know the ingredient of different gel polish brand is different, The speed of dry also impact by the smear thickness of your gels, So you may see the different curing time for different gels. You can try to extend the curing time as needed.

Can the lamp cure my regular polish?

No, This lamp can dry gel polish, But not for a regular polish that does not contain UV ingredient, So please must confirm that your polish is compatible before purchase. For regular polish, we suggest choose the lamp include a fan to dry it.

Tired of replacing the lamp bulbs again and again?

Do not worry!LKE professional UV led lamp has 21 pc led lights and double light source(365nm+405nm), High-quality UV led lights service life longer, Advanced heat dissipation technology also help to delay the lifetime for the lamp.



Compact and lightweight

Gel polish UV led light with dainty unique shape and Made of Anti-break ABS, Lightweight design

Easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy a manicure or pedicure at any time and anywhere!

Please notice that 48W is the theory power,40W is concrete power.


40W gel nail kit with UV led light * 1

Adapter connector * 1

Packing box * 1

The splendid package protects the UV led lamp to be not damaged,meanwhile suitable for a gift

Why choose new uv led lamp rather than ccfl uv led lamp?

1. Cure gel time-It's easy to see that new lamp drying time are shorter than a traditional lamp.

2. Types of polish-LKE SunX9 UV led gel nail lamp is not only cured UV gel but also dry led gel and builder. Different gel, dry time is different.





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Gel UV LED Nail Lamp

$35.99 $43.99

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