LuxeCoat Nail Polish Review


I am a great fan of all things D-I-Y! Manicures and pedicures done at spa are good indeed but the money spent is the money pinching at my heart every time! Plus a regular trip to spa is really not that good considering the fillings in my purse! So, here I got this LuxeCoat Starter Kit.

It’s a meni pedi kit DIY at home with perfect starry finish.

The First Look-

It was love at first sight!

The kit is a swanky black box with silver trims. I quite like the business class look and utterly functional sleekness of the kit.

What is Inside the Box?

I would rather suggest you to check it out on your own. Basically the kit has all a regular kit has with a few more equipments that complete the kit that you must have! So here is the list of equipments and instruments you get packed in this kit-

  • LuxeCoat Box
  • Cuticle Stick
  • Slip in Remover
  • Luxetrition, Nail Growth and Nourishing Solution
  • 5 different Files & Buffers
  • 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat
  • A Quick Fix for Touch Ups
  • 3 Chic and Trendy Colors that you get every month!

All the instruments can be used separately as well.

The Pretty Part of the LuxeCoat Nail Polish-

  1. Saves you time and money!
  2. Lasting wear
  3. No chips, No dry time
  1. Great value for your money as compared to the salon

What do you expect from a Mani-Pedi?

Well apart from neat and clean finish, its beautiful hands and feet. But there is a bit more that the kit has to offer. Let’s ponder over the Facts-

  • Flawless Mirror Shine
  • Easy and Quick
  • No Dry Time
  • Nails feel strong and protected
  • Non cloggy, least messy kit

I testify to all that!

What I liked about LuxeCoat kit?

Guys these are the star point – so pay attention!

  • The drying spray is an awesome time saving gift I loved in this kit. Plus side is that you can use the spray on any other polish you have to quick dry.
  • The touch up pen is again a (personal) favorite, but then it’s a regular with most of the kits anyways.
  • The company supplies you 3 trendy colors every month after is a good way to get your kit brimming with options and last long!

What Disappointed Me?

It’s not a gel polish manicure which everyone these days raves about.

However, I am not really a gel polish fan coz it lasts up to 14 days, honestly who likes polish sticking to your grown nails! It’s not a practical option for those who have quick nail growth.

The Final Touch up!

Have you ever thought answering a few questions can get you the best manicures and pedicures to adorn your fingers and toes? Ohh yes, the Luxe Coat Starter Kit will be yours by answering a few simple questions. And it’s not only the starter kit that you will get in the bargain. You will get a membership with you kit and receive 3 in trend LuxeCoat nail polishes every month!

Yes that’s in the deal. A complete kit to give you an unclogging manicure!

Where to get the Starter Kit?

Just log in at the website answer a simple question and be ready to receive this super chic LuxeCoat mani-pedi starter kit.